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William Hill и другие: какие букмекеры хотят работать в России, а какие – нет?

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Британская букмекерская контора William Hill – одна из крупнейших и самых известных в мире. Она была основана в году Вильямом Хиллом — во времена, когда пункты приема ставок были нелегальны в Великобритании.  Букмекерская контора Willam Hill. Представляем вам обзор на одну из крупнейших и самых известных букмекерских контор – William Hill. Она была основана в далеком году, принимая ставки подпольно. William Hill также имеет устойчивые позиции на рынках в Австралии, Гибралтаре, Болгарии, Израиле, Филиппинах, Испании и США. Этот букмекер предоставляет качественные услуги казино и спортивных ставок.  William Hill — онлайн-букмекер, который представляет возможность игрокам попробовать свои силы в онлайн-покере, бинго, других играх в казино. Базируется компания в Великобритании. Основателем букмекер Превосходно Превосходно Средний. Ссылки. William HIll.

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  1. Anyway that AJ is going to win the fight is by doing what he done against Joseph Parker it may be boring but if he does that he will win

    1. @Rattle Rattle he went to that fight to box 12 round, Cautious and focus he won if not all the rounds, Ref action stop both sides, what could had happened is if I know little thing can shift the ground in heavyweight.
      To say ref work for AJ is short sited.

    2. You mean if the ref stops Ruiz getting inside like he done to parker

  2. Dont be subconsciously tricked into betting with bookies. This is subconsciously bookie advertisement too with the name and logo

  3. AJ you gonna win this fight Bruv. Your fans support you 100%

    1. @Ed Yes you did lol youre the only dumb cunt here. Think before you speak muppet

    2. @Bill Clark i didnt mention his race you dumb fuck

    3. @Ed Why do you mention his race?

    4. Fans 😂who the fucknis going to suppoert the black quitter 😂

  4. Ask him why hes scared of Wilder !

  5. Looser

  6. Andy Ruiz jr gona retire this bum

  7. 0ccra soup shakki & Beaf .pounded yam …..
    Goat pepper soup ..
    Nigeian giunness …
    Thats it . For monday

  8. Top bloke

  9. They should of asked AJ, Why do you think that dosser Wilder has been ducking you for the longest??

  10. I love boxer for Joshua after mike Tyson Joshua s fan from Zanzibar

  11. nice beard youre growing there joshua

  12. His media personality is really boring the shit out of me. He repeats the same answers in every interview

    1. AbDick Mohammad
      Your bitch has a weird personality when she sucks my left nut

    2. Dont have to watch all his interviews, just one is enough , unless youre addicted to boredom

  13. A much happier aj when hes with someone he knows well nice to see

    1. Oh well

    2. @Bill Clark I just dont see him winning…

    3. @Shane Jordan Maybe maybe not

    4. hes still gonna get beat lol

  14. Come on Andy R Junior.

    1. DaveWildKnob
      Are you going down on Andy Ruiz Jr

  15. Hey I like AJ, please tell him to work on his head full time or watch Ruiz Jr. and parker fight more

  16. I love u AJ but u not winning the belt and it hurts me so bad but that’s just the truth.

    1. Keep dreaming

    2. Who are you to say?. He can, He will and youll be around to take back your words. Youll love the winner in him when he sets the record straight come December 7.

  17. only one Tyson Fury

  18. This guy does part time diploma in philosophy! The fuck

  19. Anthony (Thats interesting) Joshua

    1. @Z Keys 😂😂😂

    2. Rhianne
      You on my nut sack would be very interesting

    3. Anthony (that’s a great question) Joshua
      Anthony (hundred percent) Joshua

  20. Sitting weirdly close to each other

    1. Jas BattyMan
      Your bitch is weird

  21. That looks like an uncomfortable set up that giant man on that little couch

  22. What I kinda like him

    1. I mean his personality

    2. @sam jackson f no.

    3. CotHag
      What!!! You mean sexually

  23. Isnt that Marcel from the blazin squad ?

    1. SIMMZY hardly

    2. It is his interviewing now

    3. Lol

    4. I was thinking the same…..

  24. AJ? wich is youre fever Serie do you love to watch?

    my best regards and make sure youget you Bell back… Finish AR by Round 5

    1. Finish school first with that grammar, before you tell him what he should do.


  26. @cheatmealsofficial

  27. Guess the question about maya was cut out then

  28. Thats why you definitely going to lose..you choose to add to your existing style..well guess what, youre getting beaten again for sure cos your boxing style wont do you good even though you add new things to it…you better of getting a new trainer new style thats more technical and not rely entirely on your physique

  29. Ironic that this is called ask me anything considering how many questions he normally dodges with scripted non specific answers.

    1. When?

  30. Ask him the reason why he chose Saudis to be a better place for his rematch ?

  31. Which ones the heavyweight?

  32. Why did you send those racist messages to Eddie Chambers?

    1. Ed and when did he break into someones house?? How do you know all of this

    2. Roy Babineaux definitely, his image is completely manufactured. I don’t buy the nice humble guy attitude one bit. There’s someone else lurking beneath that

    3. @Cut the Crap I remember some of his comments, but never knew he was talking to Eddie Chambers we all know AJ is a robot publicly because when hes off script he talks recklessly

    4. Roy Babineaux google Anthony Joshua superior race. The news articles will come up

    5. @Cut the Crap I didnt see it someone must have taken AJ comments down

  33. Andy is going to smash AJ again

    1. Speak it, believe it, receive it. Speak it, believe it, receive it. Speak it, believe it, receive it. Speak it, believe it, receive it…

  34. Pounded yam healthy ?? Lol

  35. Go on Anthony!

  36. Big up AJ👑

  37. AJ still my favourite

  38. lawrence basically the same size as aj lol

    1. Hes a boxer aswell

  39. Joshua looks like a skinny midget next to okolie… Strange, ought to be the other way around.

  40. Black people only wear socks with slides because they got crusty feet real talk.

  41. Oh ye Im sure these questions are the best ones 🙈

  42. Who the fuck is asking these questions? Eddie hearn in the office making fake Twitter accounts no doubt

  43. No one :

    Anthony : its a great question

  44. He will lose again,it depend on AR.If AR take AJ lighty & dont train well,it will be over in the early rounds.A big hw weakness r hooks.AR has fat hands 4 a fat hw.AJ should brought some1 to help his coachs,coz they are amateurs.When he was kd,their instractions was lacking.He should have listen 2 Lennox L,coz he know.
    I hope he win.

  45. Ask him if hes done research on Saudi Arabia human rights and the murdered journalist!

  46. Bruuuuuuuuuuno

  47. Is it just me that thinks AJ is fake

    1. Your bitch is fake

  48. Ruiz is probably eating that brownie with the nuts and 3 scoops of ice cream right now.

  49. Aj says the same things every interview. Not sure if i like or hate it. But it does show that he is not indecisive and will stick to his words.

    1. He does interviews all the time and every reporter asks the same questions being a celebrity he will repeat the same thing he said before.

  50. I cant believe he lost to that f*cking Ruiz. LOL!

    He took the defeat with grace, though

    1. @gantswood Pray to God. No voodoo needed.

    2. The man looked out of his mind to start with what ever was wrong , with him at the time ..
      But this time arounds . Going to be fire ,,

    3. Defeat😂 she quit like a bitch 😂 😂 8

    4. @Alan you idiot 😂

    5. Dont worry, he went to Nigeria last month. The Luiz voodoo has been reversed. He wins this time within 6 rounds. The belts are coming back to London.

  51. Answer this question… Why did you quit.

  52. Come on AJ!

    1. 2x

  53. AJ why you take money over legacy ?

    1. @Kane hurts Mad about what even ray Charles seen him take a dive against Ruiz . Im not a fan of either boxer. Im a fan of the sport . I never in my life seen someone get knocked out with phantom punches until now lol.

    2. Are u mad! He has the best resume out of all the current heavyweights right now.. prove me wrong

  54. Whats with the TUE ya glass jaw juice head 💉 quitting little bitch

  55. When are you going to free yourself from mental slavery?

  56. AJ’s a beast

    1. A bitch 😂

    2. @Rattle Rattle is a BUM what you achieve in your life time not even quarter of what that man has you CLOWN 😂😂😂

    3. AJ is a bum

    4. Ruiz is also a beast

  57. True Naija Man! Pounded Yam & Igusi soup! 💯🙌🏾My favorite as well.

  58. I want him to lose again…That bum was ask if he wins will he give Ruiz a rematch and he said hell no. I will fight an easy fight like other boxers do…lol…Pussy ass move, no respect.

  59. KO time.. Ruiz is Harrddd. Luvs Natural

  60. Is your jaw still crystal ?
    Is your legs still rubber ?
    Is your heart still invisible ?

  61. Cool💯🥊🥊🥊🥊

  62. Narcos one of my favorites 😂✌ aj research the black and brown culture in the southwest…

  63. 😂😂😂😂 l can smell another loss

    1. Well you must have got ur nose mash up like ruiz did 😂

  64. 2:28 thats his Cheat meal…..I eat that on everyday basis…smh

  65. Ask him why he decided not to fight in the UK for British fans but instead chose to fight for a murderous regime? We know the answer, traded ethics for money! Lowlife

  66. 10/10 PR!

  67. Aj gonna be a drug lord lol

  68. Well bless my fuckin Arse? Am I the only one who sees this? Cant you fools see how the idiot is going to lose and lose big time? You might say its fine that hes smiling and relaxing after hard training. I say hes wasting time interacting with and gladhanding fans when hes supposed to be focused on winning back the title. According to Hearn, hes been training since the defeat. Manny Robles said when Team Ruiz train, they train: it makes no sense to start too early. Ruiz stays fit, but fight — fitness is a different thing entirely. He (Robles) understands that of course, thats his trade. And Ruizs. What is Joshuas trade? Im serious. What does he do, apart from the celebrity thing? Is he planning to release a fly-on-the-wall documentary early next year when his boxing career is over? It might be called Anthony Joshua: How I Fucked Up.

  69. 😂😂 Man AJ still acting as though he a politician, he cant even give a straight answer on whether ketchup should be in the fridge or the cupboard…. which is obviously cupboard btw

    1. Obviously fridge. -_-

    2. yourboiblue fridge

    3. Hahaha

  70. I really want aj to win these belts back

    1. He did.

    2. big D u know shit bout boxing. He can’t fight on the backfoot. He has some problems on his background. Also, Mike Tyson couldn’t fight on the backfoot becoz all agressive close-range fighters have the same issue. In a close-range fight, u should walk up to ur opponent. They don’t lay out the strategy like Ali and Lennox did. AJ is actually a close-range fighter. He has to be patient in the rematch.

    3. @instantkiwikid You dont know that

    4. Yeah I know, sucks that hes gana loose rematch

    5. Joshua win only if he fight on the outside, and use that jab.

  71. two times

  72. These questions are WEAK!!! lol

    1. Yup, so british.

  73. just kill Ruiz in the ring for me Champ

    1. @Don morris good now I dont ever want to hear about Wilders comments ever again about a body

    2. You fucking idiot

    3. Mikhel Brown yea

    4. Drago: *If he dies, he dies* 😁🤣

    5. Honestly, AJ must ooooo

  74. Every question

    Aj: that’s a great question 🤦‍♂️ffs just answer it

    Even describes a bloody chocolate brownie

    Anthony Shakespeare

  75. Joshua laughs a lot at stuff that isnt actually funny.

    1. @strecharmstrong uk
      Just fake laughing at everything constantly yeah?

    2. Thats wat happens when u are a multi millionaire u laugh a lot coz your happy

  76. Why are you so fucking boring?

  77. This dude looks like Marcel from Blazing quad…

  78. First

    1. Rattle Rattle I’ll admit ok I do care 😡

    2. @John Doe you care coz he get here b4 u 😂😂😂😂

    3. A.H I hate people who keep saying FIRST it’s fucking annoying and no one cares bout that shit😒

    4. A.H I’m relaxed just saying no one cares

    5. John Doe alright mate have a nice evening

  79. Hope you win aj

  80. Question: Why have you ducked Fury and Wilder for so long

    1. lol

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